Nelly's Grill: Sunday Brunch in Kits

Ok, I'm about to unleash a brunch secret spot: Nelly's Grill in Kits! We literally go here every Sunday morning. We get there pretty early, 10:00am at the latest and usually there are no lines. A couple of times we did go a bit later and there was  a bit of a line, but nothing like Sophie's a few doors down. Personally, I think Nelly's is better than Sophie's. The service is awesome and the food is consistent! We go there so often now they know kinda know our order by heart: The Eggs Norwegian (salmon benny) with extra crispy hash.

They have a variety of classics on the menu, the English breakfast seems to be popular and the pancakes.  The last time we went, I strayed from my usual order and got the classic benny - just as good as the Eggs Norwegian too!


  • Hot Sauce - their hot sauce is made in-house and its AMAZING! You can buy a bottle and take it home
  • The hash browns - we get ours extra crispy and they are so good
  • Hollandaise sauce - the best in the city.
  • Open early at 8am - a lot of brunch spots in the city open up at 10am, which is a bit late for us early risers!
Nelly's Grill
2061 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1N3