Brand Squawk: Inspirational Quotes & Grand Sense of Adventure


Established in 2017 by Collette Richardson, Brand Squawk is a Canadian women’s apparel brand inspired by a love of inspirational quotes and a grand sense of adventure.  Their small-batch, hand-screened statement t-shirts and sweatshirts are made with the ‘jeans and tee’ kinda gal in mind. 

What inspired you to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

 Several years ago I was a marketing rep for several different companies selling their brands of products. I loved it so much I decided to start selling my own apparel line designed by me.

 What’s the best part of owning your business?

Best part of my small business is meeting all my customers at local markets and pop-ups. I love hearing the positive feedback they give to me and the friendships I have made with my customers and with other small shop vendors. 


“I love hearing the positive feedback they give to me and the friendships I have made with my customers and with other small shop vendors.”

- Collette

What’s the toughest part of owning your business?

The toughest part of my business is designing new pieces that I hope my customers are going to love enough to buy. You just never know what design is going to be a hit! You invest the time and of course money into hand screening a collection with the hope that my customers are going to love. Any apparel pieces that don't sell, I donate to non-profit organizations.

How do you go about creating or designing your product line?

I often look to see what is trending in graphics, styles and colours. My graphic designs are always inspirational and fun. You will never find swear words or obscene graphics hand screened my apparel pieces.


How do you connect with the local business community? 

I love to collaborate and I love to give back. I donate quite a few items to fundraisers and I also donate any unsold items to charity. I love to take part in popups and markets throughout the Fraser Valley and Vancouver area. Love meeting other small business owners and learning from them as to what is working within their business and what is not. I also love to attend workshops for small business owners.

What's your definition of success for this business?

That's a tough question. I would say self-satisfaction in knowing my apparel pieces make a difference in the lives of the women who wear them. Knowing that I made a strong effort to do the very best, give back to my local community and offer the very best customer service with this small biz of mine.


Aside from running Brand Squawk, what else do you do?  

When I am not running this side hustle small biz of mine or working my full-time job at Eclipse Physiotherapy in Langley I am an avid triathlete. I love to swim, bike and run and compete in the sport of triathlon. I am also a mom of 3 amazing adult children and nana to my grand-daughter Brandi-Lynn.


Brand Squawk will be returning to our Made in the 604 Fall Pop-Up on September 29 at Heritage Hall.

See you there!

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