Somerton Studios: Unique and Diverse Polymer Clay Jewellery


Hannah is the founder of Somerton Studios, a polymer clay jewelry line that features designs as unique and diverse as the people who wear them.  Each pair of earrings are cut, coloured, sanded, and assembled by hand, so no two designs are exactly alike.  In Hannah’s words: “When I get to create jewelry for others the satisfaction of them finding joy in what I make is truly incredible”.

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 What inspired you to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

Somerton Studios began the summer of 2018, I took the leap into entrepreneurship when I found a platform that allowed my creative energy to flourish. The possibilities in this medium are endless. I first began this journey by selling to friends and family. The best part is seeing how happy they are to wear jewelry that allows them to embrace their personality. The support from others around me has allowed me to take my passion to a business level. 

How do you go about creating or designing your jewelry? 

I create all pieces of Somerton Studios jewelry from scratch. The first step is blending the colours of polymer clay. I often create my own custom colours. Then I hand cut each piece. Once the jewelry is cured, I sand, drill holes, and attach findings for each piece. 


“When I get to create jewelry for others the satisfaction of them finding joy in what I make is truly incredible”


What’s the best part of owning your business? How about the toughest?

The best part is that I have creative control of what is being made and how I make it. I get to express myself through a creative outlet.

This is my passion, and every step I take is close to my heart. The toughest part is that I’m fully responsible for the quality of the Jewelry while making sure I am progressing the business aspects of Somerton Studios. It is important to keep my head up and remember that every mistake and problem is a step closer to growing my business. I have self-taught myself this craft every step of the way. 

On average how many hours do you work on your business each week?  

Somerton Studios is my side hustle. Soon it will be my full-time gig. I work at a local restaurant serving food and bartending to fill the gaps. When I am not working my day job you can find me making jewelry. I enjoy my craft so much I get lost counting the hours I have put into this business.

What’s Somerton Studio’s core mission and vision? 

I want to empower anyone who wears our designs. Our jewelry serves as a vessel for our individuality - it inspires our energy, mood, and confidence with every piece we wear.  It’s an opportunity to show who we are, to be bold, and to take risks. We need to dream big and live even bigger. At Somerton Studios, I strive to create earrings that will inspire you to embrace your uniqueness. 

What's your definition of success for this business?

Success for Somerton Studios means that I am able to create quality jewelry and maintain the integrity of the business.

 What’s next for you, your brand, or your business?

The next step for Somerton Studios is to enter more markets, run a workshop where people can learn how to make their own piece of custom jewelry, and having our line in local stores.


How do you connect with the local business community?  

I connect to the community by attending networking events, markets in the city like Made in the 604, and soon, I will be hosting a workshop with another local maker!  I can’t wait to be at your next market in September! Hope to see you all there.

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